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About the author
About Susan Nagl
Susan is a certified health coach and the founder and owner of Skinny Jeans Health Coaching.  She got into health coaching after being inspired through working with a health coach herself due to some serious health challenges and being fed up with her ever tightening clothes and general lack of vitality.  She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world’s largest nutrition school.  She also completed the Become a Health Coach program through The Health Coach Institute.  She’s studied at the Coaches Training Institute. She is certified in the Transformational Coaching Method through Holistic MBA and went on to receive Mastery Certification in the Transformational Coaching Method. She is a Success Coach with the Health Coach Institute. She is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practioners and is a member of the International Association of Health Coaches.  Susan has a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and graduated cum laude.
Through her coaching programs, Susan helps women and men boost their energy, feel more alive and fit into their clothes more comfortably so they can look and feel awesome without fad dieting, deprivation or military type exercise.  Her clients experience transformation and create sustainable healthy habits that carry them forward in life.
They “Make Their Health a Habit”!
  • I strongly recommend Susan as a health and life coach to anyone really looking for a life changing journey towards better health, wellness and joy. I lost 15 pounds, improved my awareness, and gained new perspectives and tools for continued use.                                        -Kristi Venderlic, Arvilla, West Virginia
  • Thanks so much, Susan, for the enlightenment and the big nudge to help me continue in a healthy lifestyle. I’ve lost 23 pounds and expect to keep that off and lose even more by continuing to do what you taught me.                  - Ann H., Thornton, CO
  • Susan’s passion for helping people eat healthier and feel better is evident and what makes her so successful at what she does. I know she has made me take a whole new look at not just the way I eat but how I look at myself.                      - Sharon E., Lakewood, CO
  • Susan, at Skinny Jeans Health Coaching, is the best gift you can give yourself while you work toward losing weight and reclaiming your full health and energy.

    Meeting her, it's difficult to imagine that she ever had to make the journey back to health herself, but she did. Susan has a compassion that comes from "having been there" herself. Beyond that, she is professional and knowledgeable and a wonderful partner in helping you to reach your goal.           - Kelley Del Duca, Denver, CO